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Jonesboro High School is the home of the "Hurricanes," with the colors of black and gold.

With campuses throughout the Jonesboro area, Jonesboro School District is the largest public school system in Craighead County and is comprised of a Pre-K Center, Kindergarten Center, 5 magnet elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, and Jonesboro High School.

Voted Occasions Magazine's Readers Choice Awards Best Public School for 4 consecutive years, Jonesboro Public Schools offers a wide array of opportunities for students through education, athletics, art, drama, music, and so much more.

The Jonesboro Public Schools magnet elementary schools are open to students in grades 1-6, and each offers a specialized theme focused toward specific methods of learning.

Elementary Magnet Schools
  • Blends technology, economics, citizenship, government, humanities, arts and ethics into their core curriculum.
  • Traditional academic subjects are studied and then applied "on the job" during program activities.
  • Classrooms are equipped with Smart Technology to enhance student learning.
  • Vision Statement: To empower students to become self-sufficient learners for life.
Health, Wellness & Environmental Studies
  • Offers Morning Movement (exercise) and healthy food choices daily.
  • Features student vegetable garden, greenhouse, weather station, butterfly and bird gardens.
  • Offers hands-on learning in BIO Lab and Kitchen/Nutrition Lab.
  • Creates an awareness of environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, water supply, world wide famine and disease, etc.
Visual & Performing Arts
  • Two major musical productions each year involving all 600 students.
  • Offers state-of-the-art piano lab, equipped for 30 students to play simultaneously.
  • Promotes teamwork and problem-solving skills.
  • Allows children to develop imagination, self-confidence, and expression
Math & Science
  • Helps learners become aware of the real-life connections among mathematics and science in their everyday lives.
  • Provides access to latest technology, including laptops and iPads.
  • Promotes abstract and higher level thinking and problem solving.
  • Allows participation in school-wide and regional Science and Math fairs.
International Studies
  • Features computers, Sympodiums and/or Smart Boards, Senteo systems (student hand-held data devices) in each classroom.
  • Creates an appreciation and understanding of other countries and our similarities and differences.
  • Teaches 60 minutes of Spanish language weekly.
  • Provides opportunities to participate in Global Fairs, the Stock Market Game, Pen Pal Program.
Douglas MacArthur & Annie Camp Junior High Schools
  • Encourage student-driven learning through technology in the EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) program.
  • Offer fine arts courses such as choir, band, art, and drama.
  • Offer career and business courses, along with Family and Consumer Sciences Education.
  • Provide both Spanish and French language courses.
Jonesboro High School
  • New classes include Business Law, Advanced Placement Human Geography, Advanced Placement Economics, TV Production, and a Bio-medical Science Program.
  • Over 62% of the JHS class of 2011 received scholarships.
  • Each student is issued a laptop to utilize at home.
  • Offers athletics such as football, basketball, swimming, bowling, soccer, tennis, and more.

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$150,000 – $2,000,000
1,10011,500 sqft
$150,000 – $225,000
1,8003,000 sqft